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In this case, Craig Robert Dean and Patrick Gerard Gill, a couple who met all of the District's requirements for a marriage license except for being of the same sex, sought an order to compel the District to issue them a marriage license.

Same-sex marriage in the District of Columbia

The act also gave the right to form premarital agreements for prospective partners, and for domestic partners to not testify against their partner in court. With several coordinated date night settings, they have been one of the most successful Jewish dating services in the romance industry to date. The law came into effect on April 4, Superior Court judge ruled against a group opposed to the new law, who wanted a referendum on the issue, and had also asked the Court to delay the enactment of the new law until the court decided the full case, and also allowed voters to weigh in.

And the Domestic Partnership Protection Amendment Act of amended the definition of the term "marital status" in the Human Rights Act of to include domestic partners. Select vendors in the DC area have come out enthusiastically in support of the gay marriage.