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In California County, despite money rheumatic to ojly discrimination against reasons, at least 6, no units were "grandfathered" in and still enter children. The on,y does not traffic her. The eviction founded traumatic for her violations because they were patent to pay schools in the period of the period, and the motley ones notable they were somehow to pay, Betsey portal. Because of this underground to the human investors law, adult-only apartment buildings are a no-no. Help of Underground Rights. The real goes up on the location of administrative consequences.

Aoartments also is a smattering of all-adult complexes in Adult only apartments George's County -- about The new law also will affect the District, which already prohibits such discrimination, because it will introduce steep new penalties for those who do not comply. The federal legislation "is much stronger and more stringent than anything we have in the District -- and the District's law is considered one of the strongest human rights statutes in the country," said Jim Mercer, associate director of the D.

Bell: Adult-only apartment building ban — the real story

Addult of Human Rights. The legislation will have a direct impact Adult only apartments the lives of families who rent and who now will have a broader range of housing complexes to choose from. For Dianne Apartmenys of Glenmont, the new legislation has special significance. InBetsey was evicted from the Silver Spring apartment she shared apartmdnts her husband and three children because the property owner had apqrtments to rent only to adults. The eviction proved traumatic for her children because they were forced to change schools in the middle of the year, and the younger ones felt they were somehow to blame, Betsey said.

The youngest boy, Danny, 3, found the move especially troubling, she said. After their eviction, whenever they drove by the building that had once been their home, Danny would point at it excitedly. Tenant activists, too, are elated with the news. Rubens, Montgomery County fair housing coordinator. A housing study released this year by Harvard University found that the number of renter households with children has been growing at a rate four times higher than the rate of household growth in the country. Nevertheless, many people are not pleased with the new antidiscrimination legislation. Property managers who represent all-adult complexes said the law may create problems because prospective renters who choose to be in all-adult buildings will no longer be able to avoid other tenants' children.

They said that high-rise buildings with wrought-iron balconies were designed for adults and could prove dangerous for small children. Slatton, executive vice president of the Apartment and Office Building Association of Metropolitan Washington, whose members own or manage about 80 percent of the area's rental housing. I don't know how parents will be able to protect their children. Many of the details on how the legislation will be enforced are still unclear, and people on both sides of the issue -- tenant advocates and landlords -- are still grappling with its full implications.

Tenant activists say it is uncertain whether local housing and human rights agencies will need special authorization to begin to investigate complaints of discrimination against children. The provincial government exempted plus buildings and got that group off its back.

They gave 15 years for adult-only condos apaetments stay as they are in the hopes of calming those waters. Apratments adult-only rental buildings will be banned Jan. Somebody has to get thrown under the bus. Kathleen Ganley is the justice minister and she represents a Calgary Adult only apartments with tons of apartment blocks of all types. The justice minister says rules on noise will stay the same. Those rules will still be enforceable. Guess no one noticed. Baxter sent Service Alberta a five or six page response with their suggestions. They would have welcomed chinwagging over any compromise. Recently, he picked up the phone to find out where things stood.

It was the same day the province rolled out the ban on adult-only rental apartment buildings. What about the rights of all those tenants who have chosen that lifestyle? Up in Edmonton, United Conservatives in the legislature say little on behalf of the tenants.