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I Lebanon sxs on the jury when this won the top documentary award at Dubai in The director is a young Lebanese drama-therapist who put on a production of 12 Angry Men inside Lebanon's most notorious prison and filmed the long protracted process. In order to do so, she becomes his live-in maid but soon finds herself falling in love with him. This dark secret threatens to come out before the young man's wedding. It has the foresight and courage to mark the end of an era, with eyes keenly locked on a not-very-promising new one. It is deeply moving and full of humanity, particularly in the way it describes the process of lifting men from a profound states of despair into a renewed desire to live and build a different future for themselves.

It also enabled Daccache to extend her drama-therapy work to prisons across Lebanonand she had started working in Syria shortly before the current conflict began.