How to react when your best friend is dating your ex

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Clearing the air was the first readt step in surviving the relationship between my best friend and my ex-boyfriend, but it wasn't over after that. So, reluctantly, Datiing let it all out—romantic night on the dock and all. It was true, the tests were always really hard, but usually we spent the nights choreographing dances and making music videos. Finally, after an entire year of navigating choppy waters, Bonnie and Michael were no longer a couple, which is something we girls could both be happy about.

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Marcia Creyton via Shutterstock Jasmine didn't have a chance to fake annoyance bext my snub because Bonnie was running back to us. She gave me the play-by-play while I rested my head against the lockers. She made sure the two of us had our best friend time and totally leveled down on the whole PDA situation.