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Rheumatic Link data Persona 4: Fool is P4 Filing. Adachi is underground at Junes by the precious, but other its you have to pay him in the Motley Shopping district at night. Provided you try Okina City, you fourth to take the precious on long millions to park the beach third. Status King - An in-game feedback player for listening to underground provided music. Kanji picks up unified magic like Media and Mediarama. Yukiko also rights Mudo and Mudoon through her Show Link.

Occasionally, a character will call Yu up and say they want to see a film. Invite them along and you can improve your relationship. Cafe Chagall lets players extract a skill card yuide a persona for 5, yen. Golden, you can pull Fatal End off and give Pesrona to another persona. Skills guie can be extracted have a tarot card icon 44 to them in the status screen. Croco Fur sells costumes, Persoa most of these are really expensive. Gazing out to Pedsona sea gives one persona a new skill. Shichiri Beach has a fishing spot with new Persona 4 golden dating guide to catch. Bug Net Persona 4: Golden has a new bug catching mini-game, but you have to find the net to play it.

Visit the shrine at night with something fishy to acquire it. The bug net lets players catch bait for the fishing mini-game. Shiroku Pub The item store turns into a bar at night. Yu can exchange gems earned from fighting shadows for weapons here. Most of the weapons are joke items like a flying disc for Yukiko and a fish sword for Yu. Gardening Planting seeds improves your relationship with Nanako and Dojima plus yields items. Here are some of the items you can harvest: You can hang out with friends or ditch them to spend time with a cat which increases your understanding.

Social Link skills Persona 4: Golden rewards players that build Social Links with party members with additional skills. Social Link skills are unique to each character, but most character get an ability to evade their weakness at level Yukiko also learns Mudo and Mudoon through her Social Link. Character learn different skills, usually abilities that make them more versatile in battle, when going on a bike ride. Yosuke can learn Megido and Diarahan.

The SOS feature calls other online players for help in dungeons, allows you to send help to others, and is received as a gift of a minor amount of health and spirit. New scene skipping function. If the player fulfills criteria for at least the good ending, daily activities are expanded to February 14,giving more time for events and social links. New epilogue for the True Ending. Changes to the requests of NPCs or the fox. Some changes to the flow of battle: Shuffle Time has been revised.

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Attacks from members of the Investigation Team that are not currently in the party. Spell buffs and debuffs can now be used on the same character to prolong the effect. A new "TV Listings" menu, for Persona 4 golden dating guide bonus content unlocked through the main game. Bonus content and the game itself are presented as television shows. The various shows are: Edogawa's TV Classroom - Lectures on the various themes of the game and their relation to psychology. The character dialogue in this content is fully voiced. Scenes are unlocked as they are encountered during play.

P4 Golden - The main game, this program serves as a link to return to the game. Giants of P - A series that shows Persona 4 concept art with commentary on each piece. Additional pieces of art are unlocked as the story progresses. Music King - An in-game music player for listening to previously encountered music. Additional tracks are unlocked through playing the game. What is P4 Arena? It features Teddie covered by TV static and can be manipulated with the device's touchscreen.