Same sex couple domestic violence

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Comparatively, little research has been conducted on domestic violence towards transgender individuals, especially within the context of romantic relationships. Additionally, many people in same-sex donestic who experienced domestic violence experienced violence specifically because they had asked their partners to use condoms or other prophylacticswhich are known to limit the spread of HIV. The group dynamic is a powerful setting for individuals to share stories and confront their violent behavior.

Responding to Domestic Violence in Same-sex Couples

Swme cities and states in the U. Their explanation for the higher rates, Carroll fiolence, is that same-sex couples "are dealing with the additional stress of being a sexual minority. Domestic violence rates among same-sex couples higher than opposite-sex couples, researchers say Same-sex couples may experience more domestic violence than opposite-sex couples, a Northwestern Medicine review of research suggests. Homophobia[ edit ] Homophobia plays a role in causing domestic violence in same-sex relationships as well as being a systemic issue as to why victims of same-sex domestic violence lack access to resources.